Students and Parents For Privacy et al v. United States Department of Education et al

Northern District of Illinois, ilnd-1:2016-cv-04945

NOTICE OF EMAIL NOTIFICATION FAILURE, for document #[192], [193] sent to Attorney Jocelyn Floyd returned as: Unknown Address Error. Mailed to attorney Jocelyn Floyd a letter re: bounce back email and a Notification of Change of Address form. Notices have been set to No. Counsel must email the Clerk's Office at when a Notification of Change of Address has been filed to ensure electronic notification is reset.

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Case: 1:16-cv-04945 Document #: 194 Filed: 01/24/18 Page 1 of 1 PageID #:2795 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS 219 SOUTH DEARBORN STREET CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60604 THOMAS G. BRUTON CLERK 312-435-5670 January 25, 2018 Jocelyn Floyd Thomas More Society 19 S. Lasalle Ste 603 Chicago, IL 60603 RE: Failure to Comply with General Order 14-0024 Dear Jocelyn Floyd As you know, the Northern District of Illinois utilizes CM/ECF to provide electronic notices to parties. You are receiving this letter due to a critical concern with your email account. Pursuant to General Order 14-0024 Section IV(G), e-filers must maintain a current and active email account. On 01/24/2018, my office received a report that a notice of electronic filing sent to you at was returned undeliverable. In order to resolve this issue, you must access your CM/ECF account by following the applicable steps on the enclosed instructional sheet to update your contact information. If this attorney no longer works at your law firm, you must immediately file the appropriate documents to be in compliance with the local rules. Once you have updated your information, you are required to send an email to the Clerk's office. Please send the email to: and provide your name, the case number referenced on the enclosed document, and an indication that you have updated your account and/or filed a notification of change of address. Attached to this letter is a copy of the filing that was returned undeliverable to your email address. Again, you must resolve this matter immediately and notify my office once you have corrected the problem. Sincerely, Thomas G. Bruton Clerk of Court Northern District of Illinois Enclosures