Suarez v. U.S. Bank, N.A., as Trustee

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2019-cv-01339

Exhibit C - Suit1 Judgment

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EXHIBIT C Case Case 5:19-cv-01339-XR 5:16-cv-00040-DAE Document Document4-3 7 Filed Filed 03/11/16 12/02/19 Page Page 12 of of 12 AO 450 (Rev. 01/09) Judgment in a Civil Action r L V UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT I for the MAR11 2016 Western District of Texas CLERK. U.S. DISTRICT CLERK WESTERN OF TEXAS FELIX SUAREZ and JOYCE SUAREZ,) OEPU Plaintiff) v.) Civil Action No. SAl 6CV--40DAE OCWEN LOAN SERVICING LLC, et al.) Defendant) JUDGMENT IN A CIVIL ACTION The court has ordered that (check one). 11 the plaintiff (name) recover from the defendant (name) the amount of dollars ($), which includes prejudgment interest at the rate of %, plus postjudgment interest at the rate of %, along with costs. the plaintiff recover nothing, the action be dismissed on the merits, and the defendant (name) recover costs from the plaintiff (name) 1 other: The Court GRANTS Defendant's Motion to Dismiss (Dkt. # 5) and ORDERS that this case be DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. This action was (check one): 1J tried by a jury with Judge presiding, and the jury has rendered a verdict. J tried by Judge without a jury and the above decision was reached. 1 decided by Judge David A. Ezra on a motion to dismiss. Date: 03/11/2016 OF COURT Robert F. Flaig Signatureof Clerk or Deputy Clerk