Taylor v. C6 Disposal Systems, Inc.

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2019-cv-00347

Exhibit Consent of Jerry Garibay

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CONSENT TO JOIN WAGE CLAIM Jerry Garibay Print Name: _________________________________________ 1. I hereby consent to participate in a collective action lawsuit against C6 DISPOSAL SYSTEMS, INC. to pursue my claims of unpaid overtime during the time that I worked with the company. 2. I understand that this lawsuit is brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and consent to be bound by the Court's decision. 3. I designate the law firm and attorneys at ANDERSON ALEXANDER, PLLC as my attorneys to prosecute my wage claims. 4. I intend to pursue my claim individually, unless and until the Court certifies this case as a collective action. I agree to serve as the Class Representative if the Court so approves. If someone else serves as the Class Representative, then I designate the Class Representative(s) as my agents to make decisions on my behalf concerning the litigation, the method and manner of conducting the litigation, the entering of an agreement with the Plaintiffs' counsel concerning attorneys' fees and costs, and all other matters pertaining to this lawsuit. 5. I authorize the law firm and attorneys at ANDERSON ALEXANDER, PLLC to use this consent to file my claim in a separate lawsuit, class/collective action, or arbitration against the company. Jerry Garibay Signature: ___________________________ Jerry Garibay (Jun 18, 2019) Jun 18, 2019 Date: ___________________________ 210-243-9225 Phone: _____________________________ john@a2xlaw.com Email: __________________________ 7302 Glenhaven, San Antonio, TX 78239 Your Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________ San Antonio City where you worked for C6: _________________________________________________ TX State where you worked for C6: ____________ 06/01/2016 Your *estimated* start date (use xx/xx/xxxx format): _________________________________ *If you do not remember when you started please use the month you believe you started and mark the start day as the first of the month, ex. 07/01/2017*