Tech Data Corporation et al v. Hitachi, Ltd. et al

Middle District of Florida, flmd-8:2017-cv-00944

STIPULATION AND ORDER re (4680 in 3:07-cv-05944-JST) STIPULATION WITH [PROPOSED] ORDER of Dismissal Against Mitsubishi Electric Defendants filed by Electrograph Systems, Inc, Marta Cooperative of America, Inc., P.C. Richard & Son Lon g Island Corporation, Interbond Corporation of America, Electrograph Technologies Corp., Tech Data Corporation, Office Depot, Inc., Tech Data Product Management, Inc., ABC Appliance, Inc., Schultze Agency Services, LLC. Signed by Judge Jon S. Tigar on June 23, 2016. [Transferred from cand on 4/20/2017.]

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PageID 5561 1 [Stipulating parties listed on signature page] 2 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 3 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO DIVISION 4 5 In re: CATHODE RAY TUBE (CRT)) Case No. 07-cv-5944 JST 6 ANTITRUST LITIGATION)) MDL No. 1917 7) This Document Relates to: STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL) 8) Electrograph Systems, Inc. et al. v. Technicolor 9) SA, et al., No. 13-cv-05724) 10 Interbond Corporation of America v.) Technicolor SA, et al., No. 13-cv-05727) 11) Office Depot, Inc. v. Technicolor SA, et al., No. 13-cv-05726) 12) P.C. Richard & Son Long Island Corporation,) 13 et al. v. Technicolor SA, et al., No. 13-cv-05725) 14 Tech Data Corp., et al. v. Hitachi, Ltd., et al.,) No. 13-cv-00157) 15) Schultze Agency Services, LLC v. Technicolor) 16 SA, Ltd., et al., No. 13-cv-05668) 17)) 18) 19 20 Plaintiffs Electrograph Systems, Inc. and Electrograph Technologies Corp.; Interbond 21 Corporation of America; Office Depot, Inc.; P.C. Richard & Son Long Island Corporation; ABC 22 Appliance, Inc.; MARTA Cooperative of America, Inc.; Tech Data Corporation and Tech Data 23 Product Management, Inc.; and Schultze Agency Services on behalf of Tweeter Opco, LLC and 24 Tweeter Newco, LLC (collectively, "Plaintiffs"), and Defendants Mitsubishi Electric Corporation; 25 Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc., formerly known as Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc.; and 26 Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc., individually and as successor to Mitsubishi 27 Digital Electronics America, Inc.1 ("Mitsubishi Electric"), on the other hand, hereby stipulate as 28 1 The Court previously granted summary judgment in favor of Defendants Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. and Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. [Dkt. No. 4559]. The Court, however, 1 STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL PageID 5562 1 follows: 2 1. Plaintiffs and Mitsubishi Electric seek dismissal of these actions with prejudice as 3 brought against Mitsubishi Electric only. 4 2. Plaintiffs and Mitsubishi Electric agree that each party shall bear its own costs and 5 attorneys' fees in connection with this action. 6 3. This stipulation does not affect the rights or claims of Plaintiffs against any defendant 7 or alleged co-conspirator in this litigation other than Mitsubishi Electric. 8 WHEREFORE, the parties respectfully request that this Court issue an Order of Dismissal 9 with respect to Plaintiffs' actions as brought against Mitsubishi Electric only. ISTRIC 10 T ES D TC TA 11 PURSUANT TO STIPULATION, IT IS SO ORDERED. O S U ED RT 12 D UNIT S O O RDERE 13 June 23, 2016 Dated:___________________ IT IS ______________________________________ R NIA Hon. Jon S. Tigar 14 United States District Judge. Ti ga r NO nS J u d ge J o FO 15 RT LI 16 ER H A N C F 17 D IS T IC T O R 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 has not yet entered a final judgment in favor of those parties pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 54(b). The parties have included Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. and Mitsubishi Electric 28 Visual Solutions America, Inc. in this Stipulation in order to bring finality to these proceedings between Plaintiffs and Mitsubishi Electric. 2 STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL PageID 5563 1 Pursuant to Local Rule 5-1(i), the filer attests that the concurrence in the filing of this 2 document has been obtained from each of the below signatories. 3 4 Dated: June 23, 2016 /s/ Philip J. Iovieno 5 Philip J. Iovieno Anne M. Nardacci 6 BOIES, SCHILLER & FLEXNER LLP 30 South Pearl Street, 11th Floor 7 Albany, NY 12207 Telephone: (518) 434-0600 8 Facsimile: (518) 434-0665 Email: 9 10 William A. Isaacson Kyle Smith 11 BOIES, SCHILLER & FLEXNER LLP 5301 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 800 12 Washington, D.C. 20015 Telephone: (202) 237-2727 13 Facsimile: (202) 237-6131 Email: 14 15 Stuart Singer BOIES, SCHILLER & FLEXNER LLP 16 401 East Las Olas Blvd., Suite 1200 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 17 Telephone: (954) 356-0011 Facsimile: (954) 356-0022 18 Email: 19 Attorneys for Plaintiffs Electrograph Systems, Inc. and Electrograph Technologies Corp., Interbond 20 Corporation of America, Office Depot, Inc., P.C. Richard & Son Long Island Corporation, MARTA 21 Cooperative of America, Inc., ABC Appliance, Inc., Tech Data Corporation and Tech Data Product 22 Management, Inc., and Schultze Agency Services, LLC on behalf of Tweeter Opco, LLC and Tweeter 23 Newco, LLC 24 /s/ Scott N. Wagner 25 Robert W. Turken 26 Scott N. Wagner Mitchell E. Widom 27 BILZIN SUMBERG BAENA PRICE & AXELROD 28 LLP 1450 Brickell Ave., Suite 2300 3 STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL PageID 5564 1 Miami, Florida 33131-3456 Telephone: 305-374-7580 2 Facsimile: 305-374-7593 3 E-mail: 4 5 Attorneys for Plaintiffs Tech Data Corporation and Tech Data Product Management, Inc. 6 By: /s/ Terrence J. Truax 7 Terrance J. Truax 8 Michael T. Brody Charles B. Sklarsky 9 Gabriel A. Fuentes JENNER & BLOCK LLP 10 353 N. Clark Street Chicago, Illinois 60654-3456 11 Telephone: 312-222-9350 Facsimile: 312-527-0484 12 13 14 Harold A. Barza 15 Kevin Y. Teruya QUINN EMANUEL URQUHART & SULLIVAN 16 LLP 865 S. Figueroa St. 17 Los Angeles, CA 90017 Telephone: 213-443-3000 18 Facsimile: 213-443-3100 19 20 Ryan S. Goldstein QUINN EMANUEL URQUHART & SULLIVAN 21 LLP NBF Hibiya Building, 25F 22 1-1-7, Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-0011, Japan 23 Telephone: +81 3 5510 1711 Facsimile: +81 3 5510 1712 24 25 Attorneys for Defendant Mitsubishi Electric 26 Corporation 27 28 4 STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL