Turner v. Corinthian International Parking Services, Inc.

CASE MANAGEMENT SCHEDULING ORDER FOR REASSIGNED CIVIL CASES. Joint Case Management Statement due by 10/28/2015. Telephonic Case Management Conference set for 11/4/2015 at 02:30 PM. Signed by Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong on 09/15/15.

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-03495

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1 2 3 UNITED STATES D DISTRICT C COURT 4 NORTHERN N N DISTRIC CT OF CAL LIFORNIA 5 OA AKLAND DIVISION N 6 ADRIAN A TU URNER, 7 C Case No. 115-cv-034955-SBA Plaintiff, 8 v. 9 C CASE MA ANAGEMEENT SCHE EDULING CORINTHIA C AN INTERN NATIONA AL O ORDER FO OR REASSIGNED C CIVIL 10 PA ARKING SERVICES S, INC., C CASES 11 Defendantt. Northern District of California 12 United States District Court 13 This acction having g been reassigned to thhe Honorabble Saundra Brown Arm mstrong, 14 IT IS ORDERED O D that this acction is assiigned to thee Case Mannagement P Program and d 15 shaall be goveerned by Ciivil L.R. 16 6-2. The ddates listed in the Ordder Setting Initial Casee 16 Maanagement Conferencce remain in effect except thaat the initiial Case M Managemen nt 17 Co onference iss rescheduleed for Noveember 4, 20015 at 2:300 p.m., via ttelephone. 18 Plaintifff's counsell is to set up with all the parties on the line and p the conferrence call w d 19 calll chamberss at (510) 879-3550. (No (party sshall contacct chamberss directly w without prior 20 autthorization of the courrt.) 21 Plaintifff(s) is direected to serrve a copy of this Orrder at oncee on all paarties to this 22 acttion in acco h the provisions of Ruule 5 of the Federal Ruules of Civiil Proceduree ordance with 23 nott enrolled in n the e-filin ng program m. Followinng service, tthe party caausing the sservice shalll 24 filee a certificaate of servicce with the Clerk C of Coourt. 25 Daated: Septem mber 15, 20 015 26 ____________ _____________________________ SAAUNDRA BROWN A ARMSTRO ONG 27 U United Statess District Juudge 28 STANDING ORDER - GENERAL 1 Senior U.S. District Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong Effective May 1, 2015 2 3 1. Conformity to Rules. Parties shall follow the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 4 the Civil Local Rules, and the General Orders of the Northern District of California, except as superseded by these Standing Orders. Any failure to comply with any of the rules and orders may 5 be deemed sufficient grounds for monetary sanctions, dismissal, entry of default judgment, or other appropriate sanctions. 6 2. Scheduling Days. 7 a. Criminal law and Motion calendar is held on the second Wednesday of each 8 month, beginning at 10:00 a.m. Hearings in criminal matters will take place at the U.S. District Court located at 1301 Clay St., Oakland, California. 9 Please consult the calendar for the assigned courtroom. 10 b. Civil law and motion calendar is held on the second Wednesday of each month, beginning at 1:00 p.m. Hearings in civil matters will take place at 11 the U.S. District Court located at 1300 Clay St., Courtroom 210, Second Floor, Oakland, California. Please consult the calendar for the assigned courtroom. Northern District of California 12 United States District Court 13 c. Civil case management conferences are conducted telephonically, and are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays, beginning at 2:30 p.m. 14 d. Trial days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 15 2:30 p.m. 16 3. Guilty Pleas: Prior to a plea being entered in a criminal case, a copy of the plea agreement must be submitted to chambers no later than the Friday before the plea is to be taken. 17 All persons pleading guilty must complete an application for permission to enter plea of guilty, which is available on the Court's website at www.cand.uscourts.gov. 18 4. Meet and Confer Requirement. All parties shall meet and confer before filing 19 any motion or other non-stipulated request. Any motion or request shall include a certification, which may be submitted separately or included in the body of the document, that the parties have 20 complied with the meet and confer requirement. The Court may disregard and/or strike any papers submitted that do not comply with this rule. 21 5. Civil Motion Hearing Dates: The Court does not reserve hearing dates. Parties 22 are directed to review the Court's calendar at www.cand.uscourts.gov to determine the next available hearing date. Motions may be reset as the Court's calendar requires, or may be taken 23 under submission without a hearing. Parties are advised to check the Court's website to confirm whether their matter is on calendar. 24 6. Page Limits: All noticed civil motions (other than motions for summary 25 judgment) and any opposition thereto, shall not exceed fifteen (15) pages in length, exclusive of the table of contents, table of authorities, exhibits and declarations, if required. Reply briefs may 26 not exceed ten (10) pages in length. Motions for summary judgment are subject to the page limits set forth in Civil Local Rule 7. 27 7. Summary Judgment Motions: Parties are limited to filing one motion for 28 summary judgment. Any party wishing to exceed this limit must request leave of Court. Separate 2 statements of undisputed u faacts will not be considerred. Joint staatements of uundisputed ffacts are not 1 req quired, but arre helpful if agreed upon n. 2 8. Failure to File F Opposittion: The faailure of the opposing paarty to file a response to any y motion or request r mayy be construeed as a conseent to the graanting of thee relief soughht in the 3 mootion or requ uest. 4 9. Non-Comp pliant Paperrs: Any pleaading or brief sought to bbe filed withh the Court afteer the requirred time, in an a improper manner or fform, and/or which is noot authorizedd by the 5 Fedderal Rules of o Civil Proccedure, Locaal Rules or oorder of this Court, shall not be receiived or connsidered and d may be striicken. Any attorney a in vviolation of ssuch requirements will bbe subject to 6 oth her sanctionss. Civil L.R.. 1-4. 7 10. Proposed Orders: O Eacch party filinng or opposinng a motion shall also seerve and file a proposed p ord der which setts forth the relief of actioon which inccludes that thhe party requuests the 8 Court to adopt,, a short stateement of thee rationale off decision inncluding citaation to authoority. 9 11. Case Mana agement Con nference Sttatement. T The joint casee managemeent statementt muust be filed one o week in advance a of the case mannagement connference datte. The stateement must 10 incclude all elem ments requessted in the "S Standing Ordder for All JJudges of thee Northern D District of California – Co ontents of Jo oint Case Maanagement S Statement." See Civ. L.R R. 16-9. In ccases 11 inv volving pro ses litigants, parties p shall attempt to fi file a joint staatement; if aafter due diliigence, an agrreement cann not be reachhed, the parties may file sseparate casee managemeent statemennts, with each h Northern District of California 12 statement not to exceed sev ven (7) pagees. Unless prroceeding proo se, each paarty shall be represented d United States District Court at the t case man nagement co onference by counsel witth full and coomplete authhority to adddress all of 13 thee matters refeerred to in (aa) Federal Ruules of Civill Procedure 16(c) and 266(f) and (b) tthe "Sttanding Ordeer for All Judges of the Northern N Di strict of Caliifornia –Conntents of Joinnt Case 14 Maanagement Statement." S Counsel C musst also have ffull and commplete authorrity to enter stipulations andd made admiissions. 15 12. Chambers Copy. A cop py of all doccuments filedd, whether eelectronicallyy or 16 maanually, shalll be submitteed to the Cleerk's Office in an enveloope clearly mmarked with the case nummber and "SSBA Chambeers Copy" no o later than tthe time presscribed by C Civil Local R Rule 5- 17 1(ee)(7). Exhibits to declaraations must beb tabbed. V Voluminouss exhibits shaall be submittted in a tab bbed and indexed binder.. 18 13. Discovery Motions. M All discovery disputes willl be referredd to a Magisstrate Judge 19 of this t Court. 20 IT IS SO S ORDER RED. 21 __________________________________ 22 SAUN NDRA BRO OWN ARMS STRONG Uniteed States Disstrict Judge 23 24 Rev v. 5/1/15 25 26 27 28 3