Estados Unidos v. Blanco-Ruiz

INDICTMENT as to Wilter Blanco-Ruiz (1) count(s) 1 and forfeiture. (ch1) (Additional attachment(s) added on 8/8/2016: # 1 Restricted Unredacted Indictment) (ch1).

Southern District of Florida, flsd-1:2016-cr-20602-490262

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UN ITE D STA TES DISTRIC T C O U R T SO U TH ER N D ISTRI O F A C ase N o. 21U.S.C.5963.,-:,.t., f.E j;., 21U.S.C.5853 $ 'k1 u.: t,,-,)jlr),L;).l j-2:-.,j-,.-. '-U N ITED STA TES O F A M ER ICA V5. W ILTER BLA N C O-R UIZ, FILED by D.C. D efendant./AtJ6 5-2216 S CL TEV REKU NM<LAas RIM' rOt:E r INDICTMENT >.o.of#Lâ.-M@-Gl The Grand Jury charges that: Beginning in or around 1999, the exact dates being unknow n to the Grand Jury, and continuing untilthe date ofthe retulm ofthis indictm ent,in the countries ofColom bia,G uatem ala, H onduras,M exico and elsewhere,the defendant, W ILTER BLAN C O-R U IZ, did knowingly and willfully com bine,conspire,confederate and agree w ith otherpersons know n and unknow n to the G rand Jury,to distribute a controlled substance in Schedule 11,intending, know ing and having reasonable cause to believe that such controlled substance w ould be unlaw fully im ported into the United States,in violation of Title 21,U nited States Code,Section 959(a), 'a1linviolationofTitle21,UnitedStatesCode,Section 963. W ith respectto W ILTER iLANCO-RUIZ,the controlled substanceinvolved in the conspiracy attributable to him asa resultofhis ow n conduct,and the conductofotherconspirators reasonablyforeseeabletohim,isGve(5)kilogramsormoreofamixtureandsubstancecontaining a detectable am ountof cocaine,in violation of Title 21,United States Code,Sections 963 and 960(b)(1)(B). CR IM INA L FO RFEITUR E The allegations of this lndictm ent are re-alleged and incorporated herein for the purpose ofalleging crim inalforfeiture to the United StatesofAm erica ofcertain property in w hich the defendantshave an interest. Upon conviction ofaviolation of21U.S.C.j 963,asalleged in thisIndictment, the defendant shall forfeit to the United States any property constituting,or derived from,any proceeds the defendant obtained,directly or indirectly,as the result of such violation and any property w hich the defendantused,orintended to be used,in any m annerorpart,to com m it,orto facilitate the com m ission of,such violation. A llpursuantto Title 21,United States Code,Sections 853 and 970,and Title 28, UnitedStatesCode,Section 2461(c). A TRU E B ILL FO ER SON f î-k <.J (' A * W IFREDO A.FERR ER UNITED ST ES TTORN Y k A'. W A LTER M.N ORK A SSISTA N T UN ITED STATES ATTO RN EY UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT Case 1:16-cr-20602-DMM Document SOUTHERN7 DI Entered STRICT on OF FLSD Docket 08/08/2016 Page 3 of 4 FLORIDA UNITED STATES O F AM ERICA CASE NO. VS. CERTIFICATE OF TRIAL ATTORNEY* W ILTER BLANCO-RUIZ, Defendant. I Superseding Case Inform ation: CourtDivision:(SelectOne) New Defendantts) Yes No NumberofNew Defendants Totalnum berofcounts X F Mi TaLmi w KeIBWest FTp Ido herebycertify that: Ihave carefully considered the allegations ofthe indictmeqt,the num berofdefendants,the num ber ofprobable witnesses and the Iegalcom plexities ofthe Indl ctment/lnformation attached hereto. Iam aware thatth: information supplied oq this jtqtem eqtwillbe relied upon by the Judges ofthis Courtin setting thelrcalçndars and schedullng crlm lnaltrlals underthe mandate ofthe Speedy Trial Act,Title 28 U.S.C.Sectl on 3161. Iqterpreter: (YesqrNo) Yes LlstIanguage and/ordlalect panlsh 4. Thi s case willtake 6-10 daysforthe partiesto try. Please check appropriate category and type ofoffense Iisted below: (Checkonl yone) (Checkonlyone) I 0 to 5 days Pvtty II 6 to 10 days X Mlnor III 11 to 20 days Mlsdem. IV 21to 60 days Felony V 61days and over 6. HasthiscasebeenpreviouslyfiledinthisDi strictCourt? (YesorNo) No Ifyes: Judge: Case No. (AttachcopyPfdi spositivegrdeq) HasacomplalntbeenfiledInthlsmatter? (YesorNo) Yes Ifyej: MaglstrateCaseNo. 16-MJ-02861(AOR) Related Miscjllaneous num bers: Defendantts)lnfederalcustodyasof Defendantls)Instateçustodyasof Rule 20 from the Di strlctof Isthisapotentialdeathpenal tycase? (YesorNo) No Dges this case originate from a matterpending in the Northern Region ofthe U.S.Attorney's Office prlorto Octoberf4,20037 Yes K No... 8. Dges this case originate from a matterpending in the CentralRegion ofthe U.S.Attorney's Office prlorto September1,2007: 2 Yes: No... f # W ALTER NO RKIN ASSISTANT UNITED STATES ATTORNEY Florida BarNo./courtNo.A5502189 *penaltySheetts)attached REV 4/8/08 U N ITED STA TES DISTR IC T CO UR T SO U TH ER N D ISTW C T O F FL O R ID A PEN A LTY SH EET D efendant's N am e: W IL TER BLA N CO-RU IZ Count#:1 Conspiracv to distribute cocaineknow ina itw ould be im ported into the U nited States Title 21.U nited StatesCodesSections959.963 * M axyPep>ltyq Lifç lpp rijoppzçnt *R efersonly to possible term ofincarceration,does notinclude possible fines,restitution, specialassessm ents,parole term s,or forfeituresthatm ay be applicable.