USA v. Bustos

Western District of Texas, txwd-6:2015-cr-00092-751462

Probation Warrant Returned Executed on 4/20/18 as to Adrian Bustos.

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. . AO 442 (Rev. li/Il) Axrest Warrant p UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 820,8 for the Western District of Texas United States of America v.)) CaseNo. 6:15CR092(O1) RP))) AdiianBustos) Defendant ARREST WARRANT To: Any authorized law enforcement officer YOU ARE COMMANDED to arrest and bring before a United States magistrate judge without unnecessary delay (name ofperson to be arrested) Adrian Bustos who is accused of an offense or violation based on the following document filed with the court: o indictment 0 Superseding Indictment 0 Information 0 Superseding information 0 Complaint O Probation Violation Petition Supervised Release Violation Petition 0 Violation Notice 0 Order of the Court This offense is briefly described as follows: Violation of 18 U.S.C. § 3583, per attached petition. Date: 'r1it? Issuing officer signature City and state: Waco, Texas Robert Pitman, U.S. District Judge Printedname and title Return at (cilyand stale) 0t-4(6. and the pe On (date) (' Date: ('(T- \,t'r Printed name and title