USA v. Coffer

District of Nebraska, ned-8:2004-cr-00518-33536

ORDER as to defendant Lance A. Coffer. It is ordered that government's exhibits in this case are to be returned to the United States Attorney for appropriate disposition. Ordered by Judge Lyle E. Strom.

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8:04-cr-00518-LES-TDT Doc # 43 Filed: 05/30/07 Page 1 of 2 - Page ID # 196 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF NEBRASKA IN RE: Criminal Cases This matter is before the Court upon the Court's own motion: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that government's exhibits in the case listed below are to be returned to the United States Attorney for appropriate disposition. CASE NUMBER CAPTION 8:89CR145 US v. Samuel Anderson 8:92CR14 US v. Butler, et al. 8:92CR117 US v. Johnson, et al. 8:93CR77 US v. Ray Patterson 8:93CR121 US v. Bruce A. Billesbach 8:95CR79 US v. Clarence Robinson 8:95CR119 ` US v. Raul Chavez 8:95CR128 US v. Richard Thomas, et al. 8:96CR46 US v. Milton, et al. 8:96CR133 US v. Benitez-Meraz 8:98CR2 US v. Efrain Gomez 8:98CR199 US v. Anthony Hardy 8:98CR255 US v. Johnny Lee Titsworth 4:98CR3004 US v. Charles P. Seacrest 4:98CR3111 US v. Eric Michael 8:99CR80 US v. Gene Abboud, et al. 8:99CR80 US v. Susan Germer, et al. 8:99CR141/144 US v. Saul Rodrigues, et al. 8:99CR145 US v. Caballero-Chavez, et al. 4:99CR3024 US v. Richard Eddy 8:00CR150 US v. Anthony Marion 8:00CR204/206/207/208/210/212 US v. Clark, et al. 8:00CR304 US v. Jamison Alford 8:00CR306 US v. Kevin Moore 8:00CR307 US v. Walter Harris 8:01CR123 US v. Malik Jarmon 8:01CR128 US v. Renauld Fox 8:01CR130 US v. Lafayette Ely 8:01CR207 US v. Donald E. Coleman 8:01CR215 US v. Tracy A. Cook 8:01CR219 US v. Elijah Harris 8:01CR221 US v. Valentin Valdez-Espinoza 8:01CR240 US v. Roscoe Wallace 8:01CR319 US v. Vondray Martin 8:01CR320 US v. Pierre Hagler 8:01CR322 US v. Deandrae Johnson 8:01CR323 US v. Michael Hill 8:01CR325 US v. Jimmy Swain 8:04-cr-00518-LES-TDT Doc # 43 Filed: 05/30/07 Page 2 of 2 - Page ID # 197 8:02CR23 US v. Lafayette Trotter, Jr. 8:02CR124 US v. Anthony Felton 8:02CR125 US v. Ronald Hoskins 8:02CR126 US v. Michael E. Smith 8:02CR127 US v. Gregory Turner Figures 8:02CR128 US v. Trinity Briggs 8:02CR128 US v. Taro Brandon Taylor 8:02CR181 US v. Efrain Villanueva 8:02CR215 US v. Stanley Crawford 8:02CR218 US v. Hersel Raymar Bradley 8:02CR265 US v. Juan Ray Mendez 8:02CR346 US v. Deshawn Grant 8:02CR390 US v. Lionel Cawthon 4:02CR3110 US v. Melissa Frazier 8:02CR415 US v. Patrick Russell 8:02CR420 US v. Kelion Veland 8:02CR422 US v. Carlos Carter 8:02CR432 US v. James Benford 8:02CR436 US v. Tyree Lampkin 8:03CR51 US v. Calvin Patrick McLenon, et al. 8:03CR136 US v. Michael E. Williams 8:03CR196 US v. Jeremy Walker 8:03CR280 US v. Kenda D. Fergus 8:03CR288 US v. Terrell Brown 8:04CV518 US v. Lance A. Coffer DATED this 30TH day of May, 2007. BY THE COURT s/Lyle E. Strom Senior United States District Judge