USA v. Lugo et al

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2019-cr-00227-1018437

Pretrial Warrant Returned Executed on 05/09/2019 as to Alma Lugo.

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US -\---1 AO 442 (Rev. 10/03) Waant for Arrest .,; UNITED STATES DISTRICT COUT WESTERN DISTIUCT OF TEXAS b4Pi2,,jl SAN ANTONIO DIVISION USA § WARRANT FOR VS. § Case Number: SA:19-CR 00227(l)-FB (1)AlmaLugo § Defendant To: The United States Marshal and any Authorized United States Officer YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to arrest (1) Alma Lugo Name and bring him or her forthwith to the nearest Magistrate Judge to answer a(n) Indictment Information Complaint Order of Probation Supervised Release Violation court Violation Violation Petition Notice Petition charging him or her with (brief description of offense): Violation of Conditions of Pretrial Release in violation of Title United States Code, Section(s) HENRY J. BEMPORAD Name ofIssuing Officer Signature of1ssui Offl9r /2 '7& IJNITED STATES MAGISTRATE JUDGE 05/09/20 19 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Title ofIssuing Officer Date and Location RETURN This waraiwas received and executed with the arrest of the above-named defendant at: '4,n 71(DATE RECEIVED NAME AND TITLE OF ARRESTING OFFICER SIGNATURE OF ARRESTING OFFICER .q. ici DATE OF ARREST 5. 9. / 1 &V4 t4JPQ /,V