USA v. Murry

ORDER as to defendant Nathaniel D. Murry. It is ordered that government's exhibits in this case are to be returned to the United States Attorney for appropriate disposition. Ordered by Judge Lyle E. Strom.

District of Nebraska, ned-8:2004-cr-00397-32700

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8:04-cr-00397-LES-TDT Doc # 45 Filed: 06/11/07 Page 1 of 2 - Page ID # 146 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF NEBRASKA IN RE: Criminal Cases This matter is before the Court upon the Court's own motion: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that government's exhibits in the cases listed below are to be returned to the United States Attorney for appropriate disposition. CASE NUMBER CAPTION 8:96CR46 USA v. Leon Milton, Ernest Thornton and Jeffrey Mitchell 8:96CR146 USA v. Vincent Israel Adkins 8:98CR126 USA v. Ernesto Silverio Contreras 8:98CR126 USA v. Ricardo Gorrin 8:98CR126 USA v. Miguel Calderin-Rodriguez 8:00CR127 USA v. Maria Morrison 8:00CR205 USA v. Steven Brown, Jr. 8:00CR236 USA v. Ronald L. Phillips, Jr. 8:00CR236 USA v. Darrell Howard and Clifton Howard 8:00CR236 USA v. Darrell Howard 8:01CR231 USA v. Nathaniel Hughes 8:01CR243 USA v. William Watson 8:01CR323 USA v. Michael Hill 8:02CR17 USA v. Stephen Shine 8:02CR22 USA v. Buffy Bush 8:02CR216 USA v. John L. Roddy 8:02CR219 USA v. Bryan Dorris 8:02CR220 USA v. Derrick Uraye Stricklin 8:02CR417 USA v. Fontri Tiller 8:02CR419 USA v. Lamar Bass 8:02CR421 USA v. Calvin Williams 4:02CR3025 USA v. Kevin L. Cotton 4:02CR3038 USA v. Eugene McNeally 8:03CR365 USA v. Tony A. Johnson 8:03CR385 USA v. Jacara P. Baker 8:03CR525 USA v. Gregory C. Moore 8:03CR588 USA v. Decabooter Flowers 4:03CR3053 USA v. Richard Van Linda 4:03CR3071 USA v. John Raymond Kennon 4:03CR3166 USA v. Alfredo Morales, Jr. 8:04CR36 USA v. Hashim Amin Cawthorn 8:04CR58 USA v. Thomas Wilson 8:04CR100 USA v. Markell T. Dunn 8:04CR101 USA v. Charles L. Evans 8:04CR190 USA v. Rommel Smith 8:04CR193 USA v. Rodney Anthony 8:04CR195 USA v. Royce A. Brown 8:04CR230 USA v. Roscoe J. Vaughn, Jr. 8:04-cr-00397-LES-TDT Doc # 45 Filed: 06/11/07 Page 2 of 2 - Page ID # 147 8:04CR278 USA v. Miguel Suaez-Perez 8:04CR397 USA v. Nathaniel D. Murry 8:05CR145 USA v. Caesar Hinojosa 8:05CR145 USA v. Jesus S. Hinojosa 8:05CR332 USA v. John Wayne Lindsey 8:05CR406 USA v. Gilbert A. Hernandez and Luisana Miranda DATED this 11th day of May, 2007. BY THE COURT s/Lyle E. Strom Senior United States District Judge