USA v. Orji, et al

CJA 20 as to defendant Troy Urie: (Appointment of Counsel) Scott L. Tedmon.

Eastern District of California, caed-2:2003-cr-00534-67786

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OFFICE OF THE FEDERAL DEFENDER EASTERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 801 I STREET, 3rd FLOOR SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA 95814 1916) 498-5700 Fax: (916) 498-571 Linda Harter Chief Assistant Defender Daniel J. Broderick Federal Defender June 20, 2006 FILED Mr. Scott L. Tedmon Attorney at Law 717 K Street, #227 Sacramento, CA 95814 JUN 2 0 2006 CLERK, U.S. DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA Re: U.S. y. Troy Urie Cr.S-03-534-FCD BY DEPUTY CLERN Dear Mr. Tedmon: This will confirm your appointment as counsel by the Honorable Frank C. Darrell, U.S. District Judge, to represent the above-named defendant. You are attorney of record until such time as you are relieved or other action is taken to appoint a different attorney. Enclosed is CJA 20 form, your Order of Appointment and Voucher for services rendered. Also enclosed is an instruction sheet discussing the use of the forms, together with sample forms for reporting court time. This will also provide a uniformity in the way attorneys report their time and services rendered. If we may be of any further assistance regarding the processing of the enclosed form, preparation of form CJA 21 for expert services, or in reference to any other matter pertaining to this case, please feel free to call upon us at any time. Very truly yours, CYNTHIA L. COMPTON CJA Panel Administrator:clc Enclosures cc: Clerk's Office CJA 20 APPOINTMENT OF AND AUTHORITY TO PAY COURT APPOINTED COUNSEL 1. UIRDIST./DIV. CODE 2. PERSON REPRESENTED YOUCHER NUMBER CAE DIV. CONE Case 0532-1 188534-KJM Document 145 Filed $6926988 Page 2 of 2 JM Document 145 (0706 3. MAG, DKT/DEF. NUMBER 4. DIST. DKT/DEF. NUMBER 5. APPEALS DKT/DEF. NUMBER 6. OTHER DKT. NUMBER 2:03-000534-004 7. IN CASE/MATTER OF (Case Name) 8. PAYMENT CATEGORY 9. TYPE PERSON REPRESENTED 10. REPRESENTATION TYPE (See Instructions) U.S. v. Urie Felony Adult Defendant Other 11, OFFENSE(S) CHARGED (Cite U.S. Code, Title & Section) If more than one ofTow, it (op to live) major offenses charged, according to severity of offenst. 18 371.F -- CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD THE UNITED STATES 12. ATTORNEY'S NAME (Flrst Name, M., Last Name, including any sumx) AND MAILING ADDRESS TEDMON, SCOTT L. 717 K STREET SUSTE 227 SACRAMENTO CA 95814 13, COURT ORDER X O Appointing Counsel II C Co-Counsel i F Sub For Federal Defender 1 R Sub: For Retained Attorney 1 P Sabs For Panel Atrorady Y Standby Counsel Prior A Nomey's Name: Appolniment Date::| Because the above Amed perse represented a tabitled under oath or has otherwise started this court that he or she (1) Socially unable to employ counsel and (2) do not wish to de Connol, and because the interest of Justees require, the alturney whose yppers in suppoloted to reprosent this person In this case, ar Ocken (See Instytolony Telephone Number: 14. NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS OF LAW FIRM (only provide per instructions) SCOTT L. TEDMON LAW OFFICES 717 K STREET SUITE 200 SACRAMENTO CA 95814 Signature of Presiding J ual Officer or By Order of the Court 05/20/2006 Date of Order Nunc Pro Tune Date Repuyment or partial repayment forud for the peron represented for this service at time or appointment. YES I NO ---** .. .............. TOTAL AMOUNT CLAIMED HOURS CLAIMED CATEGORIES (Attach itemization of services with dates) MATH/TECH ADJUSTED HOURS MATH/TECH ADJUSTED AMOUNT ADDITIONAL REVIEW 15. | 8. Arraignment and/or Plea b. Ball and Detention Hearings c. Motion Hearings d. Trial e. Sentencing Hearings 1. Revocation Hearings g. Appeals Court h. Other (Specify on additional sheets) (Rate per hour - $ 92) TOTALS: a. Interviews and Conferences b. Obtaining and reviewing records c. Legal research and brief writing d. Travel time e, Investigative and Other work (Specify on additional sheets) ܕܘ ܝܪܝܕܕܘ (Rete per hour - $ 92) TOTALS: 17. | Travel Expenses (lodging, parking, meals, mileage, etc.) 18, Other Expenses (other than dipert, transcripts, etc.) 19. CERTIFICATION OF ATTORNEY/PAYEE FOR THE PERIOD OF SERVICE FROM - TO 20. APPOINTMENT TERMINATION DATE IF OTHER THAN CASE COMPLETION z1, CASE DISPOSITION 22. CLAIM STATUS: Final Payment 1. Interim Payment Number: Supplemental Payment Have you provoutly applied to the court for compensation and/or remimbursement for this case? 1. YES NO If yes, were you pald? YES ! i NO Other than from the court, have you, or to your knowledge bei sayone else, received payment (compensation or anything or yułeo) from Apy other source In Connection with this raprientation? YES 1: NO If yes, give detalis on addidonul sheols. I swear or affirm the truth or correctness of the above statements. Signature of Attorney: Date: 23. IN COURT COMP. 24. OUT OF COURT COMP, 25. TRAVEL EXPENSES 26, OTHER EXPENSES 27. TOTAL AMT, APPR/CERT 28. SIGNATURE OF THE PRESIDING JUDICIAL OFFICER DATE 28. JUDGE /MAG. JUDGE CODE 29. IN COURT COMP. 30. OUT OF COURT COMP. 31, TRAVEL EXPENSES 32. OTHER EXPENSES 33. TOTAL AMT. APPHOVED 34. SIGNATURE OF CHIEF JUDGE, COURT OF APPEALS (OR DELEGATE) Payment approved In excess of the statutory thresbold amount PATE 34A. JUDGE CODE