USA v. Purdy

ORDER as to defendant Anthony P. Purdy. It is ordered that government's exhibits in this case are to be returned to the United States Attorney for appropriate disposition. Ordered by Judge Joseph F. Bataillon.

District of Nebraska, ned-8:2005-cr-00204-34949

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8:05-cr-00204-JFB-TDT Doc # 113 Filed: 05/24/07 Page 1 of 2 - Page ID # 459 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF NEBRASKA IN RE: Criminal Cases This matter is before the Court upon the Court's own motion: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that government's exhibits in the cases listed below are to be returned to the United States Attorney for appropriate disposition. CASE NUMBER CAPTION 8:95CR113 US v. James Strawn 8:96CR120 US v. Meylan Special Services, Inc. 8:96CR149 US v. Apolonio R. Moreno 8:96MJ1 US v. Mark Matthew Maddy 8:97CR215 US v. Ayite Ose Codjo 8:98CR31 US v. Christopher J. Negroni 8:98CR122 US v. Ronald Cooke 8:99CR208 US v. Homer Escarcega 8:99CR229 US v. Rigoberto Jimenez, Jr. 8:99CR265 US v. Blackbird Sheridan 8:00CR11 US v. Cindy Lou Cates, et al. 8:00CR12 US v. Alvarez 8:00CR144 US v. Laura Seger 8:02CR238 US v. Donald Asay, et al. 8:02CR308 US v. Harold Fox 8:02CR382 US v. Angel Velazquez 8:02CR429 US v. William Monier 8:02CR177 US v. Timothy A. Kruse 8:02CR424 US v. Otis Alvin Holford 8:03CR13 US v. Ortiz-Ramirez 8:03CR59 US v. Jose Luis Hernandez-Garcia 8:03CR69 US v. Jimenes-Lopez 8:03CR84 US v. Chiwanda Ammons 8:03CR87 US v. English 8:03Cr128 US v. Escobar, et al. 8:03CR332 US v. Aaron Shanle 8:03CR472 US v. Garcia 8:03CR506 US v. Chacon 8:03CR512 US v. Salgado-Campos 8:03CR566 US v. Leslie Fisher, 8:03CR572 US v. Rahn 8:03CR577 US v. Hunt 8:04CR260 US v. John P. Blazka 8:04CR261 US v. Bogacki 8:04CR313 US v. Jose Luis Bravo-Lopez 8:04CR340 US v. Samuel Howell 8:04CR373 US v. Pantoja-Mendez, et al. 8:04CR396 US v. McBride 8:04CR405 US v. John Synovec 8:05-cr-00204-JFB-TDT Doc # 113 Filed: 05/24/07 Page 2 of 2 - Page ID # 460 8:04CR425 US v. Rodriguez 8:04CR491 US v. Miller 8:04CR500 US v. Gary Bauman 8:04CR512 US v. Romero 8:04CR515 US v. Bowles 8:04CR536 US v. John Eric Estle 8:05CR5 US v. Lynn 8:05CR73 US v. Cruz, et al. 8:05CR94 US v. Jose Elias Garcia, et al. 8:05CR118 US v. Chaney 8:05CR119 US v. Corrales-Wyant 8:05CR143 US v. Michael Floyd 8:05CR170 US v. Homero Barreras Gastelum 8:05CR204 US v. Purdy 8:05CR221 US v. Sheridan 8:05CR224 US v. Juvenile 1 & 2 8:05CR238 US v. Nungaray-Calderon 8:05CR244 US v. Whitesel 8:05CR253 US v. Gottsch, et al. 8:05CR260 US v. Jeremy Trausch 8:05CR261 US v. Jamal Wright 8:05CR272 US v. Alan Erickson 8:05CR347 US v. Fruto Madrid-Cruz 8:05CR387 US v. Juan Antonio Garcia 8:05CR445 US v. Jones 8:06CR85 US v. Luis Macedo 8:06CR144 US v. John Vandry 8:06CR241 US v. Tyler Peneaux DATED this 24th day of May, 2007. BY THE COURT s/Joseph F. Bataillon Chief United States District Judge