USA v. Quinonez-Soto et al

Middle District of Florida, flmd-8:2017-cr-00355-339530

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/ pagelb 253 Dear Judge, I am writing to you on behalf of my dad Bryan Soto. I am his second oldest daughter, Esther Soto. I am almost 18 years young. "My siblings and I have always been very close to my dad. We are very united because of him but we are now seperated. We have been split up and it has changed all of our lives. It is n't fair to take my only parent away from us. He is why we (my siblings and I) are always looking forward to a positive future. He taught us to never give up when things seem tough. He is the most supportive father anyone can ask for. We really hope you can please let us have our dad back in our tives. He was always in our games and practices now I am heart broken to not have him by our side. My dad is a very nice, caring, loving, giving persone All my friends felt very comfortable to eat at my house, join our family events because he treats everyone like family. May God touch your heart with my words so we may have our dad back into our lives soon thank you very much for reading my lettere Please tell him I love him and I miss him Love, Esther Angel Soto. 1 Pageld 454 Bryan Soto 1317 E 62nd St. Los Angeles CA 90001 05-01-18 Dear Judge, I am writing this letter to introduce myself and to request that my father Bryan J. Soto gets his time reduced. Despite the crimes my father committed he's a good man. It's significant that my father is in the lives of my younger siblings and myself, before my father was arrested we were living with him. He was a great parent, he would take us to school and he made sure w doing good, he taught us to get our priorities done first. My younger brother and I were both playing sports at park and school teams and my dad was very supportive for years as he took us to our practices and games. It's more important that my younger siblings get my father back because their mom isn't in good condition to take care of them. I was living with all my siblings with my father but now we are all separated. It sucks that i barely get to see my siblings, one of my younger sisters lives 5 hours away from the whole family. Hopefully you'll have some sympathy for my farther and i hope you can do everything you can so my father can get back to his family. Thank you. Sincerely, Bryan Soto 1 PageID 463 Dear Honorable Judge, My name is Jacqueline Beaver I am writing to you on behave of BRYAN QUINONEZ SOTO. I have been in a relationship with him for 2 years. Bryan was working as a pile driver for a local union under water welding. He lives with his mother in the city of South Gate CA. About over a year ago he saved someone's life due to his CPR Certification and his need to help others. He has 7 kids, in which 5 of them lived with him, He coaches his son's football team which they play on the varsity team his daughter plays volleyball and got a scholarship. His kids are taking this situation hard because they have all been split up and don't see each other often. He has a four year old son who is always asking for him. Bryan has never been to prison or has had any felonies. When I found out he was incarcerated I was surprised, as he is such a positive person, and I have never known him of conducting himself in a negative manner, or contributing to unproductive, non-positive activities. This is his first time being charged with any criminal activity. Incarceration will affect the ability of his children to see him and be with him and will be difficult for his family especially because he is so far from everybody. I cannot debate with you the legitimacy of the allegations that he is being charged with, I can only tell you that he is a good person, an intelligent and driven man, and by no means a danger to society. I respectfully hope you take these words into consideration when sentencing him, I ask that your sentence be merciful and not punitive, and that you take into account all the people whose lives he has touched who will consequently miss him, and especially how his absence will affect the lives of his young children. He has a family who loves him and is willing to help him mentally and physically if needed for the sake of his children's future. He is very much needed and missed and everyone has been very much impacted by what is happening. Sincerely, Jacqueline Beaver. 1 PageID 455 YESENIA SOTO 3616 Santa Ana st South Gate CA 902800 5/07/2018 Your Honor: My name is Yesenia Soto, I am a 29yr old college student and Administrative Assistant for Blue Shield of California Health Plan. I would not be the person I am today if it weren't for my brother, Bryan Jobany Quinonez-Soto, my brother. I am writing to you today to hope you get to understand the need we all have for him to come home. I understand he must of made a mistake but don't we all. My brother has not killed anyone and has not ever committed such a harsh crime for him to be taken away from us all for so long. This is truly his first time getting into such big trouble and I am sure he is willing to pay for his consequences but please have some mercy towards his sentencing. My brother needs help with other resources like counseling and rehabilitation rather than prison. Bryan is the oldest sibling in the household and he was not brought up in the perfect neighborhood and has always had to be the father figure for us growing up. He was beaten by his babysitters as a child, was introduced to bad influences as a teen due to our surroundings at the time. Since he was the oldest brother he had to provide for us and do so much to help my mother take care of us. We did not grow up with a supportive father figure for him to look up to. His experience as a kid made him more supportive towards our family because he always wanted what was best for us. I along with my nieces and nephew that are also struggling because of his absence, to please help us reunite our family back together. We love and miss Bryan with all of our hearts. His kids deserve so much more and the only right way to help them is with their father along their side. Please help us break the chain in our family so we may move forward with our lives. He is a good person and I hope you see that within these letters of honesty and sincerity. Thank you for your time Your Honor. Sincerely, Yesenia Soto 323.636.7587 Case 8.17-C1-00355-MSS-TGW Document 100-1 Filed 11/26/18 Page 4 of 11 PageID 456 B E ROBERTO SOTO 1234 E. 57th St, Los Angeles CA, 90011 (323) 986 - 8883 05/03/2018 Your Honor: Tam writing to urge leniency in the sentencing of my older brother Bryan Jobany Soto. My name is Roberto Simon Soto and I am asking if you may please have the kindest consideration throughout this process as many of us in this family need him back in our lives; He is a great father, son, brother, uncle, and friend. I hope that you may find it in your heart to reduce any or all sentencing as we are all positive that he has learned his lesson. This time without him has been one of the hardest times of our lives and we cannot wait for his arrival. The most affective are us, his family, his children depend on his presence and guidance. Bryan has done so much for me and our family, he always goes above and beyond to make us happy and goes beyond his duties as a family man. On behalf of his family we ask that whoever is assigned to this case, please extend leniency and restore our hope in sending Bryan home to us and most importantly to his children who need him the most. Sincerely, Roberto Soto 1 Pageld 457 JOM + 70: who it may concern: - Hi 1114 name is to address Fris' Teo Out most respect and as it's regarding ! Some one i not coniy respect but love as a brother figure and more. His name is. Blyan Jubany Quiñonez Soto i've known Brycin since I was Pia in now 28 and when i say Brother i mean it, I've always Seen him take care of business as far as family responsibities And helping everyone around in People as well he gave me la place to stay even food to eat Ühen i was hungry so i thank him so mucio and always there for advice when i was in a dark place andi Macle Me Içugh when I was de pressed when no one trusted He did the did. even went out of His way to help me det my ID and license a. Coul i couldn't achieve von my own but Achieved it while he was arround, 1 PagelD 458 now im cit an awesome Stege of my life with a lobi car and around my loved ones and i thank Bryan for the pushing / Coaching he gave me, He taught me also how to be a gentleman To i thank him for my lit success in achieving now. so i would love Jif you quys wond consider Bryan family as soon as possible please. idk how you guys I see him but he is no criminal He is a remodel for me and my family so Diecise let him be back Twith his family. Thank you for Hearing me vout and Thank you for you're time. Sincerly, 1 PagelD 459 REFERENCE LETTER FOR BRYAN SOTO May 2, 2018 Bougart Linares Soto Panorama City, CA 91402 RE; Bryan Quinonez Soto May 2, 2018 To Whom It May Concern: May this letter serve as a true character and reference regarding my brother Bryan's behavior and honesty. As a Certified Lead Crisis Intervention Worker in the City of Los Angeles, CA. I've worked with community members that have been affected with our lack of resources and the common mental behavior and drug addiction. The reason I'm discussing this common behavior is because we think it will never hit close to home and we see it's an epidemic, and our current criminal system has yet to find a real solution to deal with this problem instead of incarcerating them and taking away their liberty and no rehabilitation being done. Apart from community members lets talk about my brother in comparing to other's Bryan has proved to be a father, a friend and a role model it's the facts that over ride the accusations my brother is facing. The facts being a head of house hold, family man, and participating with his children's activities either from school or away from the publics eye. Bryan has provided an emotional bond with all his kids and also showing them how to be responsible and respect others. Bryan is a certified Pyle Driver from the Local Union and contributes his ability and skills to execute his job to the full potential required by his employer, Time after time he has proven his role and responsibility. In closing may this letter be a reference that my brother deserves an opportunity to prove the courts on how he contribute to the economy by working in the union and returning back to his children. Thank you for your time, Bougart Linares Soto Community Volunteer Lead Crisis Intervention Worker Certified by Los Angeles Violence Intervention Training Academy L.A.V.I.T.A. LOS ANGELES MAYOR'S OFFICE PROGRAM REFERENCE LETTER FOR BRYAN SOTO 1 Pageld 460 Carla Sigala 2492 Poplar pl Huntington Park, Ca 90255 04/28/2018 Bryan Jobany Quiñonez Soto Your Honor: I am writing to urge leniency in the sentence of my friend Bryan Jobany Quiñonez Soto. I Have known Bryan Jobany Quiñonez Soto for more then 20 years, since I was in elementary. He and I are both of the gravity of the crime he was convicted of, but it is still hard for me to wrap my head around. This is not the man I know, and I'd like to give you a perspective that shows that he is more than the sum of his actions on the day he got arrested. Bryan Jobany Quiñonez Soto has always been there for me and my family, willing to lend a hand with everything from fixing a car to repairing something in my house. He has always been a family person, he has a huge family that I admire each and every day of how united they are, such a wonderful father caring respectful and playful always wants the best for his children and family. In addition to our friendship, he is a usually member of the neighborhood. While it is unfortunate that he has made some bad decisions, thus resulting in this case. While I was surprised to hear of the misconduct, it comes as no surprise that he is ready to accept responsibility for his actions. I believe that as we move forward, he will emerge a better person. In short, Bryan Jobany Quiñonez Soto express deep sense of remorse in making such a serious mistake and I believe in his ability to pay his debt to society. It is my sincere hope the court takes this letter in to consideration at the time of sentence. Despite the current case, I still believe Bryan Jobany Quiñonez Soto to be n honorable individual, a valuable member of my community, and a good human being. Sincerely, carla Sigala 1 Pageld 461 Dear whom it May Concern, My name is Sabrina Soto and I am Bryan Soto's niece. Bryan has always been there for everyone especially his kids. Everytime I would see him at our family events he was always very active and loving with his kids. He truly is seen a great father to his kids. The connection he has with his kids are what has driven them to do so well in everything they do. They are a great example of the person he is in life. He did give back to the community by giving out food, clothes, and event shelter for the people in need so many times. Bryan's absence around the family and community is hurting us all inside and out because he was a great person to us all. As a family person he always came for help to whom ever needed it. He does not deserve to be sentenced so many years because we need him back in our family and he was a good support for our community. Sincerely, Sabrina Soto (323)527-6606 1 Pageld 462 Amos Jefferson Jr. 1612 West Stockwell Street Compton, CA 90222 Phone Cell 310.735-6874 Date: May 1, 2018 RE: Mr. Bryan Soto To Whom It May Concern: The purpose of this letter to share my connection and experience regarding the character and personality of Mr. Bryan Soto. I Met Bryan for the first time after his mother, Maria Elena Jefferson and I Amos Jefferson Jr. were married in summer of 2009. My experience with Bryan was, I saw him as family type person. He was always with all his children. As you may know the mothers of his children have not always been there for them but he had always made sure to put a smile on their faces and help them understand the meaning of life. I experienced the time when Bryan was trying to help the childrens mother come into her senses for the childrens sake and once he seen she wouldn't take responsibility he immediately took control of the situation and became the mother and father role for all his kids. He has also been kind and respectful to me. Whenever he or I visiting one or the other I was treated as a father figure by him. Majority of times he would talk about starting a business in plumbing repairs and or construction. I don't know the nature of his encounter but I believe and hope that he can get help in some type of an educational state program. Then he would be a good citizen no matter where he lived but we hope California. Truly, yours Amos Jefferson Jr.