USA v. Rice

JUDGMENT as to deft Robert J. Rice: Indictment Count 2 - Imprisonment X 142 months w/ adjustment & BOP rec re: confinement; $100 spec assess; $5000 fine int waived & payable w/in 30 days of jdgmt; SR X 10 years; stand COR; add 1 - MH eval & complete tx if rec; add 2 - DNA sampling; add 3 - comply w/ MDPA Comp Monitoring/Filtering Participant Agmt; add 4 - comply w/ SORNA; add 5 - participate in sex offender tx program; add 6 - submit to USP searches w/ failure to comply poss grounds for SR rev; drug testing req'mt suspended; Indictment Count 1 - DISMISSED (prev). (See jdgmt for complete details.) Signed by Chief Judge Christopher C. Conner on 12/28/16.

Middle District of Pennsylvania, pamd-1:2014-cr-00119-98706

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