USA v. Schwarting

Western District of Texas, txwd-6:2013-mj-00744

Clerk's Copy as to Joshua R. Schwarting of {{21}} Judgment and Commitment.

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CaseNo 6:13mj744 c.c-çkj Case 6:13-mj-00744-JCM Document 23 qy Filed 09/18/13 Page 1 of 1Filed: 09/17/13 Doc.#21 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT Western District of Texas EP 72013 WACO DIVISION WE/S. DISTRICT c UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V. Case Number W13-744M USM NUmber NOT PROVIDED JOSHUA R. SCHWARTING Defendant. - OD JUDGMENT IN A CRIMINAL CASE (For Offenses Committed On or After November 1, 1987) t, i-1 'I, r: CIT The defendant, JOSHUA R. SCHWARTING, was represented by Steven Walden. The defendant pled guilty to Count I of the Information on 6/14/2013. Accordingly, the defendant is adjudged guilty of such involving the following offense: Count1 Title & Section Nature of Offense Offense Ended Count (5) 18 USC 641 Theft of Government Property April 15, 2013 As pronounced on 9/13/2013, the defendant is sentenced as provided in pages 2 through 6 of this Judgment. The sentence is imposed pursuant to the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984. It is further ordered that the defendant shall notify the United States Attorney for this district within 30 days of any change of name, residence, or mailing address until all fines, restitution, costs, and special assessments imposed by this Judgment are fully paid. If ordered to pay restitution, the defendant shall notify the Court and United States Attorney of any material change in the defendant's economic circumstances. Signed this the 17th day of September, 2013. -it e. JEFFREY C. MANSKE United States Magistrate Judge