USA v. Teyf et al

SECOND SUPERSEDING INDICTMENT as to Leonid Isaakovich Teyf (1) counts 1ss, 2ss-9ss, 11ss-13ss, 17ss-19ss, 21ss-24ss, 27ss, 28ss, 29ss, 30ss, 31ss, 33ss-35ss, 36ss, 40ss-41ss, Tatyana Anatolyevna Teyf (2) counts 1ss, 2ss, 5ss, 9ss-11ss, 13ss-26ss, 30ss, 37ss-40ss, Alexey Vladimirovich Timofeev (3) counts 1ss, 2ss, 12ss, 16ss, 21ss-23ss, 30ss, Olesya Yuryevna Timofeev (4) count 30s, Alexei Izrailevich Polyakov (5) counts 32s. The foreperson's signature has been redacted pursuant to the E-Government Act. The unredacted version of this document has been filed under seal. (Bullock, N.)

Eastern District of North Carolina, nced-5:2018-cr-00452-167684

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