White, Jr. et al v. Pulman, Cappuccio, & Pullen, LLP et al

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2019-cv-00535

ADR Report Filed - CONSENT to Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) by Ella White, Ed White, Jr.

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS SAN ANTONIO DIVISION § ED WHITE, JR. and ELLA WHITE, on § behalf of themselves and all others similarly § situated, § Plaintiffs, § § vs. § Civil Action No. SA-19-cv-00535-DAE § PULMAN, CAPPUCCIO, & PULLEN, § LLP; ELLIOT CAPPUCCIO, ESQ.; and § JOHN AND JANE DOES 1-25, § § Defendants. § JOINT ADR REPORT The Parties, after conferring via telephone and e-mail pursuant to the Court's Joint Scheduling Recommendations [Doc. 13] and Local Rule CV-88, make the following report: • Status of Settlement Negotiations: Since the outset of this case, the Parties have informally discussed the potential for resolution of the case but have not yet reached any agreements; those discussions are presently ongoing. • Identity of the Person Responsible for Settlement Negotiations. For Plaintiff, Andrew T. Thomasson is responsible for settlement negotiations. For Defendants, Casey Dobson is responsible for settlement negotiations. • Whether Alternative Dispute Resolution is Appropriate. If the Parties are unable to negotiate a settlement on their own, they agree Alternative Dispute Resolution is appropriate in this case. The Parties have agreed to a referral for mediation to be completed by February 3, 2020. Parties are still conferring on the -1- selection of their mediator; however, they agree the costs of any such mediation will be divided equally between the Parties. Respectfully submitted this 10th day of October 2019. s/ Mary W. Byars s/ Andrew T. Thomasson Casey L. Dobson (TX Bar # 05927600) Andrew T. Thomasson (NJ Bar # 048362011) Mary W. Byars (TX Bar # 24097443) Philip D. Stern (NJ Bar # 045921984) SCOTT DOUGLASS & MCMCONNICO LLP Francis R. Greene (IL Bar # 6272313) 303 Colorado Street, Suite 2400 STERN•THOMASSON LLP Austin, TX 78701-3234 150 Morris Avenue, 2nd Floor Telephone: (512) 495-6300 Springfield, NJ 07081-1315 Facsimile: (512) 495-6399 Telephone: (973) 379-7500 E-Mail: cdobson@scottdoug.com E-Mail: andrew@sternthomasson.com E-Mail: cdobmbyars@scottdoug.com E-Mail: philip@sternthomasson.com E-Mail: francis@sternthomasson.com Attorneys for Defendants, Pulman, Cappuccio & Pullen, LLP and Elliott Cappuccio William M. Clanton (TX Bar No. 24049436) LAW OFFICE OF BILL CLANTON P.C. 926 Chulie Drive San Antonio, TX 78216 Telephone: (210) 226-0800 E-Mail: bill@clantonlawoffice.com Attorneys for Plaintiffs, Ed White Jr. and Ella White -2-