Federal Court Cases

Case Name Case Number Court
Z Best Body and Paint Shops, Inc. v. the Sherwin-williams Company, et al cacd-5:2016-cv-02398 Central District of California
Z Best Rentals, Inc. flmb-3:2016-bk-03586 Middle District of Florida (Bankruptcy)
Z Brothers LLC v. Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon of Alabama, Inc. alnd-1:2017-cv-00491 Northern District of Alabama
Z Gallerie Holding Company, LLC deb-1:2019-bk-10489 District of Delaware (Bankruptcy)
Z Gallerie inc v. a z Gallerie LLC et al cacd-2:2013-cv-01408 Central District of California
Z Gallerie, LLC deb-1:2019-bk-10488 District of Delaware (Bankruptcy)
Z Industries USA, LLC v. Circuitronix, LLC et al flsd-0:2017-cv-60727 Southern District of Florida
Z Produx inc v. Make-up art Cosmetics inc cacd-2:2013-cv-00734 Central District of California
Z Produx inc v. Ofra Cosmetics LLC cacd-2:2012-cv-05040 Central District of California
Z VIEW ENTERPRISES, LLC et al v. GIANT EAGLE, INC. pawd-2:2017-cv-00740 Western District of Pennsylvania
Z&L Enterprises d/b/a/ Tierra Santa Golf Club v. Scottsdale Insurance Company et al txsd-7:2017-cv-00392 Southern District of Texas
Z&N Diamonds, Inc. txnb-3:2018-bk-30551 Northern District of Texas (Bankruptcy)
Z&R Cab, LLC et al v. Philadelphia Parking Authority paed-2:2013-cv-06173 Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Z'Meca Curtissa Colbert gamb-3:2014-bk-31041 Middle District of Georgia (Bankruptcy)
Z'quichia li Merriman vawb-6:2016-bk-62280 Western District of Virginia (Bankruptcy)
Z'S a Nevada Corporation nvb-2:2016-bk-15909 District of Nevada (Bankruptcy)
Z'TEJAS 6TH STREET, LLC azb-2:2015-bk-09180 District of Arizona (Bankruptcy)
Z'TEJAS SCOTTSDALE, LLC azb-2:2015-bk-09178 District of Arizona (Bankruptcy)
Z, INC. v. USA cofc-1:2019-cv-00443 Court of Federal Claims
Z-1 Management, LLC tnwb-2:2018-bk-21898 Western District of Tennessee (Bankruptcy)
Z-4 Construction Inc. ilnb-1:2016-bk-25961 Northern District of Illinois (Bankruptcy)
Z. b. et al v. City of Pasadena et al cacd-2:2014-cv-01185 Central District of California
Z. et al v. Oxford Health Plans utd-2:2018-cv-00383 District of Utah
Z. N. v. Cumberland County Children and Youth Services pamd-1:2018-cv-01286 Middle District of Pennsylvania
Z. Sasson v. Beard King Corp. flsd-1:2017-cv-24445 Southern District of Florida
Z. v. Bonnet Creek Resort Vacation Condominium Association, Inc. flmd-6:2015-cv-02074 Middle District of Florida
Z. v. Inthinc Technology Solutions et al utd-2:2017-cv-01052 District of Utah
Z. v. Madsen et al ilnd-1:2018-cv-03422 Northern District of Illinois
Z. v. OIL CITY AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT et al pawd-1:2018-cv-00298 Western District of Pennsylvania
Z. Z. Global, Inc. flmb-8:2016-bk-01361 Middle District of Florida (Bankruptcy)
Z., A. et al v. Remington Arms Company, LLC et al wiwd-3:2016-cv-00778 Western District of Wisconsin
Z.B. et al v. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA dcd-1:2015-cv-01037 District of Columbia
Z.B., N.A. v. HOWELL MUNITIONS & TECHNOLOGY, INC. et al nvb-3:2018-ap-05010 District of Nevada (Bankruptcy)
Z.B.O.A. v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2017-cv-00641 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.B.V.O. v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2017-cv-00595 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.C. et al v. New York City Department Of Education ("DOE") nysd-1:2019-cv-02150 Southern District of New York
Z.c. v. Wal-mart Stores, Inc. et al nynd-6:2011-cv-01504 Northern District of New York
Z.C.Q.O. et al v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2017-cv-02083 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.d. v. Colvin, Acting Commissioner of Social Security Administration txnd-3:2012-cv-01059 Northern District of Texas
Z.d. v. Missouri Department of Corrections et al moed-4:2012-cv-02144 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.d., et al v. the United States of America, et al flmd-6:2013-cv-01893 Middle District of Florida
Z.F. v. Adkins vawd-2:2018-cv-00042 Western District of Virginia
Z.f. v. Ripon Unified School District caed-2:2011-cv-02741 Eastern District of California
Z.f., et al v. Ripon Unified School District, et al caed-2:2010-cv-00523 Eastern District of California
Z.G. et al v. MASTERY CHARTER SCHOOL et al paed-2:2018-cv-04948 Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Z.G., et al. v. Pamlico County Public Schools Board of Education, et al. nced-4:2015-cv-00183 Eastern District of North Carolina
Z.H. v. Kentucky High School Athletic Association kywd-5:2018-cv-00190 Western District of Kentucky
Z.h. v. Lewisville Independent School District txed-4:2012-cv-00775 Eastern District of Texas
Z.h. v. Penn Hills School District pawd-2:2012-cv-01696 Western District of Pennsylvania
Z.H.W. et al v. The United States Of America et al nyed-1:2012-cv-03912 Eastern District of New York
Z.J. v. The Vanderbilt University tnmd-3:2017-cv-00936 Middle District of Tennessee
Z.K. Mart, Inc. et al v. Mid-Continent Casualty Company flmd-3:2018-cv-00236 Middle District of Florida
Z.K.L.Z. v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2017-cv-00122 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.M. et al v. New York City Department Of Education ("DOE") nysd-1:2019-cv-01847 Southern District of New York
Z.M.O.L. et al v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2017-cv-02062 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.M.Z.S. et al v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2019-cv-00743 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.O.T. et al v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2017-cv-02060 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.P. v. YALE UNIVERSITY et als njd-2:2018-cv-15703 District of New Jersey
Z.P. v. Yale University, et al ctd-3:2019-cv-00315 District of Connecticut
Z.P.E.R. v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2017-cv-00481 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.P.P.G.A. v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2017-cv-00634 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.S.C.C. v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2017-cv-00655 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.S.P. v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2017-cv-00560 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.t. v. Minnesota State High School League et al mnd-0:2016-cv-03821 District of Minnesota
Z.Y.F.M. v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2016-cv-02016 Eastern District of Missouri
Z.Y.T.V. v. Doe Run Resources Corporation, The et al moed-4:2017-cv-00113 Eastern District of Missouri
Z3 Sports Academy LLC hib-1:2016-bk-00171 District of Hawaii (Bankruptcy)
Z3 Sports Academy LLC and ag Metric ktc Owner LLC hib-1:2016-ap-90040 District of Hawaii (Bankruptcy)
Z94 Inc. et al v. Salt Life, LLC et al casd-3:2017-cv-02068 Southern District of California
Za-za, Inc., et al v. Eastman Chemical Co., et al cand-3:1998-cv-04886 Northern District of California
Zaagsma v. C. R. Bard, Inc. et al wvsd-2:2015-cv-15126 Southern District of West Virginia
Zaakir v. Bond tnwd-1:2016-cv-01120 Western District of Tennessee
Zaakyia D McClendon almb-1:2015-bk-12481 Middle District of Alabama (Bankruptcy)
Zaavaughn g Scott innb-3:2016-bk-30577 Northern District of Indiana (Bankruptcy)
Zaayer v. Colvin ilsd-3:2013-cv-01014 Southern District of Illinois
Zaazaa v. Nielsen et al ilnd-1:2018-cv-06701 Northern District of Illinois
Zab v. State of Rhode Island rid-1:2018-cv-00070 District of Rhode Island
Zaback v. h&e Equipment Services, Inc. nvd-2:2017-cv-00001 District of Nevada
Zabaida Khan flmb-9:2017-bk-09682 Middle District of Florida (Bankruptcy)
Zabain Gabriel Gibson ganb-1:2016-bk-68397 Northern District of Georgia (Bankruptcy)
Zabala et al v. Horizon Consulting NY Inc. et al nyed-2:2017-cv-04944 Eastern District of New York
Zabala v. Aaron's, Inc. d/b/a Aaron's rid-1:2019-cv-00039 District of Rhode Island
Zabala v. Boston Scientific Corporation wvsd-2:2013-cv-19375 Southern District of West Virginia
Zabala v. City of Ceres et al caed-1:2015-cv-00904 Eastern District of California
Zabala v. Commissioner of Social Security flmd-6:2017-cv-00628 Middle District of Florida
Zabala v. Commissioner of Social Security flmd-8:2016-cv-00326 Middle District of Florida
Zabala v. Mattress Firm, Inc. flmd-6:2018-cv-01671 Middle District of Florida
ZABALA v. NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANY paed-5:2018-cv-04939 Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Zabala v. Rogers et al waed-4:2015-cv-05056 Eastern District of Washington
Zabala-De Jesus et al v. Sanofi Aventis Puerto Rico, Inc et al prd-3:2015-cv-01803 District of Puerto Rico
ZABALA-ZORILLA v. FERGUSON et al paed-5:2019-cv-00544 Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Zabalerio and Capital one N.a., its Assignees And/or Successors cacb-2:2016-ap-01240 Central District of California (Bankruptcy)
Zabaleta v. Decker et al nysd-1:2018-cv-01802 Southern District of New York
Zabar v. New York City Department Of Education ("DOE") et al nysd-1:2018-cv-06657 Southern District of New York
Zabat v. Target Corporation caed-2:2011-cv-02918 Eastern District of California
Zabawa v. Cochlear Limited et al kywd-3:2017-cv-00008 Western District of Kentucky
Zabawa v. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services et al mied-2:2017-cv-12881 Eastern District of Michigan
Zabawa v. Sanofi US Services Inc. et al laed-2:2018-cv-01942 Eastern District of Louisiana
Zabchuck v Brockton District Court mad-1:2018-cv-11166 District of Massachusetts
Zabchuck v. DTA Office mad-1:2018-cv-11356 District of Massachusetts
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