Take Your Deposition From Anywhere.
Cut Your Costs in Half.

We make it easy to take depositions remotely, from anywhere in the world. Our sophisticated videoconferencing software enables you to interact and share documents with your witness, as if you were taking the deposition in person. We guide you through the entire process, and we host and attend the entire deposition, making sure everything goes smoothly. You avoid all expenses associated with airfare, lodging, document copying, videography, and rough transcripts.

Dependable Video Infrastructure
Our video infrastructure, provided by Amazon Web Services, is ultra-reliable. With 14 regions located throughout the world, Amazon's video service ensures uninterrupted performance, even in the event of region-specific power outages, Internet downtime, floods, and other natural disasters.
Share Documents with Ease
We enable you to share documents with your witness, opposing counsel, and the court reporter. Unlike competitors, our system enables each participant to scroll through documents separately at their own pace, and to adjust zoom settings to meet their individual needs.
We Guide You
Unlike our competitors, we don't leave you on your own during the deposition. Instead, we host the deposition, and monitor it from start to finish to iron out any technical glitches and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
All Devices Are Supported
Each participant—including the witness, lawyers, and court reporter—can participate using any device. Our software supports desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even smart phones.
Video Recording Included
We record the video of the entire deposition from start to finish at no additional fee. Of course, you can instead choose to hire a videographer to be in the room with the witness, and use our video feed as a backup.
Bulletproof Contingency Planning
Prior to every deposition, we work with you to develop a detailed plan to cover any contingency that might arise. Your deposition will move forward, even in the event of unpreventable power outages, network outages, or device failures.
Fast Rough Transcript
We use sophisticated speech-to-text software to provide you with a rough transcript of the deposition, usually within a few hours of completion.
Save Money
Our service enables you to save money, by avoiding all airfare, lodging, document copying, videographer, and rough transcript expenses.
Bank-Grade Security
We've designed our system so that you do not have to provide us with any documents. But if you choose to do so, any documents you provide us are encrypted and stored in a protected repository. All documents are automatically and permanently deleted 48 hours after the deposition, unless you instruct us otherwise.
We Work with Everyone
We do not enter into exclusivity agreements with court reporting agencies. Therefore, you are free to choose any court reporter you wish. We also work closely with court reporters, and contact them before the deposition begins to ensure they understand and are comfortable with our technology.